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Family Advisers’ Network

Chatting to someone who knows exactly how you’re feeling and understands the daily challenges that Rett syndrome presents can really help. With our Family Advisers Network you’re only a phone call away from another parent who you can talk to.

Our network is made up of parents who’ll provide a listening ear and friendly support. They can share their experiences, whether that’s about Rett syndrome in general or a specific area such as epilepsy, scoliosis or feeding difficulties.

All our network parents have completed appropriate safeguarding training and listening skills training. Rest assured that the calls are completely confidential, unless our family adviser feels there’s a safeguarding concern.

* If you’d like to talk to one of our Family Advisers, we can put you in touch. Contact our Support Helpline on 01582 798911. Or email

We are currently recruiting and training new Family Advisers with training dates coming up in London 28th April, Belfast 12th May and Glasgow 19th May. If you would like to find out more about this role, please email



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