Friendships by Leah


My sister goes to a special needs school, where she has made many friends. Though her class is small,  she knows many of the children her age. There is no doubt that it would be hard for her to make friends, as she is unable to talk. Many of her friends are also unable to talk, but they do seem to have a lot of fun together.

Unfortunately, my sister does not meet up with her friends outside school as much as I’m sure she would like to. Compared to me and my other sister, it is rather difficult to arrange playdates. My other sister and I are quite independent, and will not need constant adult supervision when we have friends over, or when we meet up with friends. However, for my sister that is not the case. At least one responsible adult has to be with my sister at all times, and it is the same situation for many of my sister’s friends. Even though my sister’s number of play dates is lower than preferably wanted, she and her friends always have fun with each other when they meet up.

For me, it’s really nice to see my sister interacting with her school friends. She is always really happy when she plays with them, and they all seem to really enjoy her and each others company. My parents will always organise interactive activities for my sister and her friends to take part in. For example, when two of my sister’s friends came over, my mum organised a pamper session for them, which included painting their nails, styling their hair, applying makeup, and trying on perfumes. This interactive play meant that my sister and her friends could really enjoy their day while using their senses.

When my sister was staying in hospital, get-well-soon cards would be sent to our house for her. Some of these were from her school friends. We would take them to the hospital and open them with her, and it always cheered her up. It felt really nice when we would give them to her, as she would always smile when we opened them together.

 Recently, it was my sister’s birthday, and she had a birthday party with some of her school friends and their families. Personally, it made me really happy to see her so happy and comfortable with her friends. I hardly ever see her with her school friends, and to see her in her comfort zone is really nice. My sister has also been over to some of her friends’ parties or houses, including a disco party that she really enjoyed, as she was really smiley and happy when I saw her at home, and chatted to her about it. My sister has also been to the theatre with one of her school friends, which they both found really enjoyable. My sister enjoyed being talked to about her theatre trip for a long time after that!

Personally, all of my friends have always been very respectful about my sister’s condition. They don’t feel awkward asking questions if they are unsure about something. I feel really lucky to have such kind friends, who are always really sweet to both of my sisters.

Until next time…