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Rett UK aims to promote, support and encourage research – to enable improvements in identifying new therapies and treatments for people affected by Rett syndrome and ultimately a cure. Whilst our current focus is on providing support, advice and information we do also fund research, and most recently provided some seed funding to Angus Clarke for a clinical trial of overnight respiratory support in patients with Rett syndrome and disordered breathing.

We regularly update this website and also our social media pages with information from around the world with regards to Rett syndrome research and treatments. Please like our Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest news and sign up to our quarterly newsletter, Rett News, which always has research articles. Not a member? Sign up here

You may also find research articles on our colleagues’ web sites:

Reverse Rett which is linked to Rett Syndrome Research Trust in America

Also in America (formerly IRSF)

In Australia some very good resources here and a searchable database on Interrett

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Everything that is going on at Rett UK.

susanne and mia


Guest blog: Many thanks to Susanne Crosby, whose daughter Mia has Rett syndrome for letting us share her blog originally written for Scope after Susanne was involved with their Face […]

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Caring and sharing. Informative and supportive. Great stuff for all those families. X

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